Fox Hollow Vineyards Wine Label and Branding

I truly enjoyed creating this label for The Fox Hollow Vineyards. They first approached me about creating the perfect fox to use as their brand. He had to be regal yet friendly. Their vineyard used to be fox hunting land and I thought it would be a humorous choice to put him in full fox hunt garb.

We knew from the beginning that he should be seen straight on; however, in the early sketches,  I experimented with various shaped horns and hand positions until we found the perfect combination.

They suggested we use a landscape as the background which I created in the original painting but then thought it would be fun to use a fox hunt themed pattern instead.

I jumped at the chance and created a tonal print in black pencil to keep it soft so that when the fox image was added in Photoshop, it would stand out nicely.

They loved the pattern so much that they asked me to design a tablecloth and coordinating napkins to be used for their first wine tasting.




The Writer's Chronicle - The Pulp Fiction of Jennifer Egan

My most recent project for The Writer’s Chronicle was an open ended
assignment which was both a challenging and satisfying puzzle to solve.

The cover illustration was for an essay about the Pulitzer Prize winning novel A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan which focused on the structure of the book: the way the chapters stand on their own as well as making up a larger story while moving back and forth through time.

I began by jotting down ideas as I read: time passing, relationships and looking back, for example. The theme of time stood out to me so I knew I wanted a clock face to feature. Another strong element was the way the individual chapters functioned as cells in a comic strip, or frames in a strip of film. After some experimentation I decided that to convey the feeling of nostalgia the piece evoked in me, I would represent time by creating a clock themed background wallpaper that had a vintage feel and over lay framed images that when seen together, created one larger image.  I put this together digitally for the concept sketch using stock clock faces and sketched frames but for the final I hand painted the clock faces and the frames and layered them in Photoshop. The only change we made was to brighten the sepia toned palette of the sketch. I chose a soft color story inspired by vintage wallpaper.  I love projects like this that stretch my imagination and give me total freedom to experiment.


Ice Cream Packaging for Publix Supermarkets


One of my favorite companies to work with is Publix Supermarkets. We’ve done several projects together for product packaging and for display posters. They usually come to me with a solid concept and general layout but also allow me freedom to work out the details.

For the package design of their Pumpkin Pie flavored ice cream they knew they wanted a slice of pumpkin pie for the front and a dish of ice cream for the back but for the background and colors they were open to suggestion.

I began by sketching out various pie slices at different angles, different types of ice cream dishes and various background patterns until we settled on the ones we liked best. Once the sketches for the layout were set I worked them up in color, in this case using Prismacolor pencils.  We decided at this point to make the damask pattern a dark brown to give it richness and also make the pie and ice cream stand out and I added in some green in the leaf scroll as an accent color and to mark the horizon so the pie didn't appear to be floating. The final artwork was all hand painted in gouache and oil and ready for the type to be laid in at the very end.