The beauty of vintage Vermouth Labels

Some things are so beautiful the way they are and simply don't need to be changed. One thing that has long been a bee in my bonnet is vermouth labels. My Father always believed it was best to have a well stocked bar for when people drop over and I've continued this practice. I remember as a kid being fascinated by all the gorgeous and intricate labels on the liquor bottles in his cabinet and I derive comfort and joy to see some of the same labels gracing my own kitchen. At some point along the way I noticed that liquor companies were modernizing their bottles and labels and so I began to keep the original bottles I had and simply pour the new liquor into them. Here are some of the ones I have:

Cinzano Bianco was one of my Father's favorites and I am so glad I still have that bottle as well as the Martini and Rossi Red Vermouth. I don't know if the Strega label has changed because I've had this bottle for about 100 years now. Seriously, it isn't something that gets consumed regularly. The Punt e Mes was recently changed but it actually looks more vintage now so I have the new one. I think they modernized that one long before I even discovered it.

Here are some newer bottles that aren't so bad. The Martini and Rossi Bianco isn't the original but it has been modernized even more since so I still hang on to this one. I would love to get my hands on an old Bianco or even a dry vermouth bottle as all mine are sadly modern and kept in the back of my cabinet where they don't show. The Hendricks Gin bottle is gorgeous and this old Lillet is lovely. (Changed into something strange now).

This Lazzaroni Amaretto tin is brand new (in the past 2 years) and so beautiful and old fashioned that I thought I should include it along with the Angostura which at least looks old.

Last but not least I thought I'd give a nod to my favorite tomato labels, I certainly hope Sclafani and La Bella San Marzano don't have any ideas of change. These are gorgeous just the way they are!