Fab.com features Curious Portraits

Dear fans of Curious Portraits,

I have some very exciting news: Fab.com is hosting a big Curious Portraits sale next weekend. It starts at 11 a.m. Friday Sept 21 and continues through Sunday Sept 23.

For me, this is such a huge compliment. Fab.com has been featured in just about every major news outlet, including The New York Times and Forbes.com, which called it “the hottest online retailer.”

I had a lot of fun choosing what to offer in this sale. At the end, I settled on work that was true to my tagline: original artwork for the discerning eccentric. Look for Barbie, Daisy the Squirrel, and all my beloved Victorian animal portraits. I also included selections with the coming holidays in mind, so the Pumpkin Men, Acorn Men, and Snowmen are duly represented.

And what’s in it for you, you ask? Everything you buy at Fab.com is priced at a 10% discount, so you can save some dollars and still get the prints you love.

Thank you to Fab.com for your faith in Curious Portraits. And thank you in advance to Curious Portraits’ loyal fans for making the sale a success!