New Vintage Inspired Kitchen Towels I am pleased as punch to introduce some new products in The Curious Kitchen shop - Kitchen Towels!  It has taken quite a bit of research and experimentation to get them right but I have finally gotten the kinks worked out.  First I had to find a place to have them printed that has good fabric and isn't unrealistically priced. They are 100% cotton, washable and the colors are nice and rich. Then I had to figure out the best way to photograph them which took a bit longer than I expected but I wanted them to be crisp and color accurate. I tried natural lighting, tungsten bulbs, photo flood bulbs and just about every setting available on my camera!  It was actually quite fun "styling" them with a bowl of eggs for the Breakfast Towel, a croissants on a plate for the Desserts and watermelon for the Barbeque Towel, all of which had to be consumed in the end by yours truly. I also thoroughly enjoyed designing the labels which I wanted to be cheery and express the vintage feeling of the shop. I think it all works together and I hope you agree.