Everyone has a story to tell, whether it's the history of your family home and the many memories that your relatives made there over the generations, the tale (pun intended) of your beloved dog or cat, or the moments that led to meeting your true love. I can help you commemorate your story by creating personalized designs and printing them on kitchen towels, coasters, tablecloths, napkins, notecards, and more.

I also create designs for special occasions: weddings, family reunions, banquets, themed party—you name it. Using my experience in textile design and illustration, I can develop the perfect design to make your event that much more special and memorable.

Below are a handful of examples. Prices start at $350 for the design itself, and I charge a small markup on top of the vendor's cost for printing and shipping. Items ship directly from the vendor to you, though I am happy to discuss other arrangements if you prefer. Please feel free to contact me directly for more details and pricing at I will do my best to create something unique for you within your budget. 




Kitchen towel and coasters for Deer Abbey

This kitchen towel was custom designed to represent my client's beach house in Cherry Grove, New York, which he playfully nicknamed Deer Abbey, thanks to the many deer that roam the area.  He wanted the kitchen towel to be fun and to express his own wonderful sense of humor.  I began by jotting down all the events, guests and elements (including his drag alter ego, Beth Page) that made his house special and then sketched them out to find which ones would best translate into images. I even painted a watercolor of his house as seen from the beach to make the design uniquely his. I also took two of the main images to create a set of custom coasters. The kitchen towels vary in price depending upon the fabric used but start at $24 each for printing once the design has been created. The handmade coasters are $28 for a set of 4.

custom coasters and kitchen towel deer abbey


Custom tablecloth and napkins for Fox Hollow Vineyards

I had the pleasure of designing a wine label for Fox Hollow Vineyards this past year, and they liked it so much that they asked me to take the background pattern I had created for the label and turn it into a tablecloth and napkins for them to use at their annual Thanksgiving feast. Tablecloth prices vary depending upon the type of fabric used and the complexity of the design. I'd be happy to go over more details with you for your personal project.

custom tablecloth and napkins fox hollow


Cocktail Hour at Shades of Red

A client in Cherry Grove, New York, nicknamed her beach house Shades of Red in honor of her favorite color, and she wanted something special to highlight the name when she entertained guests. She commissioned me to adapt one of her favorite illustrations of mine—the anthropomorphic cocktail shaker and martini—for coasters and a set of tea towels, one of which she framed. This type of commission using existing artwork starts at $150 for the design.

custom kitchen towel and coasters shades of red