Radio Waves

Usually when I am working in the studio I listen to Coast to Coast Radio  through Streamlink (more on that later). Lately though I’ve been tuning into 70’s new wave music through iTunes. My favorite so far is Radio Nigel but Woxy is pretty good as well. I am finding it so inspiring. It brings me back to a time in my life when  I was so creative and despite working 9-5 at an art supply store I seemed to be painting all the time. It was a time where all I had ahead of me were possibilities. I’ve been free-lancing now for nearly 20 years and I always thought that a flexible schedule would allow me endless time to devote on my painting. However doing design and illustration for a living tends to be all consuming and so often I find I am just  too creatively spent at the end of a day to begin to work on my own ideas. Listening to this music has reminded me of the person I was when I first moved to NY and has inspired me to keep that thread of ideas going. I’ve even been keeping a wall (or rather closet door) of ideas and sketches right here in my studio so I am looking at them all the time.