Homage to the humble mouse

We have had a mouse in our apartment for the past few weeks and have grown rather fond of him. We’ve even named him Henry. I don’t know why but he just seems so polite and apologetic after having eaten the corners off the banana bread we foolishly left on the kitchen table overnight. We know we must send him on his way before his friends and family turn up but I decided to paint his portrait to remember him by. I imagined him as an old soul so I've painted him in quasi victorian garb.

Mouse Portrait Victorian
Mouse Portrait Victorian

Thanks to all the Bloggers out there...

I thought I would take this opportunity to thank those of you who have written such lovely things about me and Curious Portraits, my Etsy shop in their blog. It's been about 9 months since I first opened it (only 7 since I actually began to list things) and I have learned so much in that time especially about the Etsy community and how supportive everyone is. Everyone listed here has their own Etsy shop as well as a terrific blog so I encourage you to check them out:

Hopefully there will be more to come!

Pieps the Steiff Mouse portrait

I finished up this portrait yesterday and was so happy with it I scanned it with the paint still wet! I loved this mouse when I bought him from Ebay and I just knew he would make a terrific subject for a painting. I am working on the Steiff tabby cat portrait now...

Happy Birthday, Barbie






Since Barbie and I both turned 50 this year I thought it would be appropriate to finally do the portraits of her I’ve been imagining for so long. The first portrait was of a 1960 Pony Tail Barbie done as a birthday gift for my friend Christopher who is an avid collector.  I liked it so much that when he gave me a beautiful 1963 Bubble Head for my birthday last month I decided to do a series. It was so much fun setting her up in different lighting and photographing her. I approached it in  a  semi classical way as I do most of my paintings beginning with a neutral ground color then an under-painting in burnt sienna acrylic and finally building the rest up in layers of oil color.  It was so interesting  painting the same object 3 times; they all look alike yet each one seems to have such a different personality.  It was especially fascinating painting an inanimate, plastic face as opposed to an actual human face. I just love how the mood changes depending on the angle and light source.  I’ve since borrowed a few Pony Tail Barbies to photograph for a new series. I can hardly wait to get them started.