Insect Camouflage

Insect prints

I have always liked the idea of camouflage; of being out in plain view yet hidden at the same time. I've done several playful camouflage prints in my day including elements such as dinosaurs and reptiles. There are endless possibilities of background pattern and color. This time I wanted to use some insects that I particularly like and thought I'd hide them inside a damask pattern using camouflage colors. I have always loved grasshoppers (probably from the "Cricket on the Hearth"), and of course dragonflies are just so stunningly beautiful. I also added in a cicada because I love their melodious arrival each August and also a beetle (thinking of scarabs).  I liked it so much not only did I paint one up as a stripe in non traditional camouflage colors but I also decided to make prints from the individual insects for my The Curious Kitchen Etsy shop. Insects may not be everyone's favorite creature but I am attempting to bring some  beauty to an often maligned subject matter!


Insect Damask