A Custom Kitchen Towel Design for a Fabulous Abode

I am so happy to finally be able to post this new kitchen towel design.  I finished it nearly two months ago but because it was to be a surprise I had to sit on it until I could get it to it's intended recipient. It was designed to celebrate my friend's wonderful beach house in Cherry Grove, Fire Island where we have spent many happy hours surrounded by colorful people and amiable animals eating, drinking and always laughing. I incorporated as many of the key elements as I could fit that make this place special such as his favorite deer and the squirrel that lives in the roof not to mention the drag personas they have come up with for the Pines Invasion every July 4th. It is a magical place and I truly wanted to honor it in the  kitschiest way possible. Deer-Abbey-Kitchen-Towel-Lisa-Zador

It is available for purchase at my Etsy shop The Curious Kitchen.

A Beautiful Weekend

I just spent a beautiful weekend at "Deer Abbey" my friend Jay's house out in Cherry Grove (Fire Island). The weather was perfect and many of my dearest friends were there with me. We ate and drank like animals and laughed and danced.

Jay discovered a new way to use mosquito coils...He has a very special relationship with the local wildlife...

Even Bingo had a great time sunning himself and exploring the dunes.

The views are spectacular from the back deck overlooking the bay as well as the front facing the ocean.

I even managed to do a few watercolors which I find terribly relaxing. This one was done on the beach facing the house...

This is our camp as seen from the front deck..

This is the Belvedere Hotel on the bay painted from the back deck...