Bunnies on the Brain

It must just be this Eastery time of year but I can't stop thinking about rabbits. I was originally going to paint 2 separate rabbit portraits, I do so like to do things in pairs, but I decided to take a risk and put them together in one. What a surprise it has been to me to see their mysterious relationship  spring up before my eyes. I admit that I am not privy to their personal goings-on, but I continue to be intrigued by it.

 I've finished another painting recently that goes along with that Spring feeling. It is a portrait of a very gentlemanly goose. It was done as a silly tribute to a very dear friend of mine who recently passed away and who we  jokingly called Goosey. We always teased him because we thought his head was gigantic and perched upon a very spindly neck. It was all in good fun and after 30 years he still signed his e-mails with a "honk, honk". His head really wasn't enormous at all, it was really just his big, puffy hair that was all the rage in the late 70's!  The odd thing is that this portrait actually resembles him. My Sister pointed it out. It is something about the playfulness of his eyes I think. Well, wherever he is I hope he is chuckling over it. I've grown very attached to this goose portrait and I feel strangely close to my friend when I look at it.