A Beautiful Memorial

I just came back from walking Bingo and was struck with how different the city is tonight from what it was 11 years ago on this day. Back then at this hour (9:30 PM) it was a ghost town with nothing but ambulances and police cars and when I walked the dogs there were still silent groups of people gathered on the street corners looking downtown in disbelief. Tonight things are pretty normal, the bars are full of people laughing, the streets are full of cars. I went down Hudson Street a block or two to photograph the memorial lights which bring me such a feeling of peace and comfort each year. I hope they never stop lighting them, they are such a beautiful tribute. When I got in I dropped Bingo off  and went up to my roof to take a photo from there and was surprised to see that they had lit the lights inside the new WTC in red white and blue, something I couldn't see from the street!