I'm a newly licensed driver!


Two years ago my NJ driver's license expired and by the time I discovered it, the grace period to exchange it for a NY license had expired. Thus began my 2 year struggle with the NY DMV to get a new one. They do not make it easy and in the end I had to go through the process as if I were a first time driver. I managed to procrastinate all this time  because living in the city, I don't own a car and don't need to drive from day to day.  By the end of last year however I was determined to finally start the process. First I had to download and study the 50 page Driver's Manual, then take a day off work to take the written test which believe me was not easy. I passed that and received my Permit. Then I had to take another day off work to attend a mandatory 5 hour class in driving safety. I finally did that last month. Then you can schedule your road test which is complicated when you don't own car because they don't provide a vehicle. None of my friends here in the city have a car and I can't rent one without a license! In the end I went through a driving school out in Brooklyn who provided a car and threw in an hour lesson before the test. After an hour of hair-raising driving around downtown Brooklyn with trucks double parked and bicycles whizzing past from every direction, struggling to do a 3 point turn correctly and parallel park over and over again I finally managed to take the road test which literally lasted 5 minutes. I am so relieved to say that I passed with flying colors and finally have a valid driver's license again. (Well, I will as soon as the official one arrives in the mail). I will never take it for granted again!