Curious Portraits at Curiosa

I am so thrilled that Curiosa in Toronto is now carrying Curious Portraits in their delicious new shop! They had their grand opening this summer and chose some favorite Gothic and Victorian prints and cards from my shop as part of their inventory. Though their website is still being finessed, you can see photos of their wondrous products on their Facebook page, Curiosa Society and Instagram feed @curiosasociety They have a tantalizing selection of cards, jewelry, quill pens, sealing wax, prints, and more, plus all manner of Harry Potter themed items. Everything a Steampunk, Gothic, Victorian loving person such as myself could want. I may just have to schedule a trip up to Canada and see for myself!

curious portraits prints.jpg

These are some of the eclectic selection of prints they'll be carrying.

Curiosa Society.jpg
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New Uses for an Old Skull

Now that it is September I am already looking forward to Halloween, my favorite time of year. I've been making good use of that resin skull I purchased last year by incorporating it into some new paintings. The first one  I finished is a still life. The second which is still in progress, alas, does not have the skull but features a disembodied hand  that usually sits on my hearth and a vintage doll head. The third is so far an underpainting and has the whole skeleton holding his own head in his hand; a theme I used successfully with my dog Bingo in his "Sleepy Hollow" halloween card a few years back.