Williamsburg Rooftop

Last night I went to such a lovely rooftop cocktail party thrown by a very dear swedish friend and her husband. Even though it was quite chilly the view was so spectacular. It was so peaceful up there watching the sun go down over Manhattan with the gentle murmur of swedish all around me... Lower Manhattan as seen from Williamsburg.

Myself with the Williamsburg Bridge behind me.

I love this roof graffiti.

I thought the sunset was so beautiful reflected in these windows.

Even the Williamsburg Bridge looks lovely in this light.

As the sun got progressively lower the sky was on fire. It was so nice to see the new WTC from this perspective. I usually see it from downtown and it doesn't seem so tall with all the other buildings in front of it.

After all these years living here it still takes my breath away.

We stopped for a bite at the fabulous Marlowe and Sons after. I love their golden pigeon logo...