It's always the right time for Ice Cream

  Pumpkin Pie Package Front


Pumpkin Pie Package Back


I am very happy to announce that Publix Supermarkets has premiered their new pumpkin-pie ice cream this month for which I did the package illustrations! I am a huge ice cream lover so when they offered me this job I jumped at it. The art director was pretty clear about what she wanted; a slice of pie for the front and a dish of ice cream for the back but she gave me lots of freedom to develop the overall look (within limitations of course). I do these in a combination of media beginning with a black and white sketch, followed by a color layout then and underpainting in gouache and finishing with layers of oil glazes (after sealing it with acrylic). Pie Slice sketch I like to present the client with all the stages of the image so they can make changes as it progress and not be surprised at the end. I know some artists don't like to have the client too involved in the process but I actually enjoy the interaction. I first began working for Publix a few years ago when they commissioned me to create a series of  Pie Slice sketch-colorillustrations for their tea packages. I loved that job as well. I am an enthusiastic tea drinker and tried to capture in these images the warm, cozy feeling a hot cup of tea offers. This collection of tea packaging won Publix a 2008 ADDY so I was extra happy to be a part of it! 


Green on box sml               Lullabye on box sml










Earl Grey on Box sml          Decaf Green on Box sml










Chamomile on box sml