Food Illustrations for Shoprite

A few weeks ago I happened to be in Gristede's Supermarket and I spotted something familiar on the shelf; it was a jar of Shoprite marinated red peppers and it had one of my illustrations on the front! I was surprised because this was one of a group of spot illustrations I did ages ago for someone who was designing the labels. I had never seen the actual products and had totally forgotten about them. I looked around and found other similar condiments on the shelf and I was so pleased that I bought them all in order to photograph them. When I got home I had to rummage around quite a bit to locate the copies I had of the original artwork but I finally found them and put them together for my website. I'm going to keep looking for the rest of the products to add to the group!



It's always the right time for Ice Cream

  Pumpkin Pie Package Front


Pumpkin Pie Package Back


I am very happy to announce that Publix Supermarkets has premiered their new pumpkin-pie ice cream this month for which I did the package illustrations! I am a huge ice cream lover so when they offered me this job I jumped at it. The art director was pretty clear about what she wanted; a slice of pie for the front and a dish of ice cream for the back but she gave me lots of freedom to develop the overall look (within limitations of course). I do these in a combination of media beginning with a black and white sketch, followed by a color layout then and underpainting in gouache and finishing with layers of oil glazes (after sealing it with acrylic). Pie Slice sketch I like to present the client with all the stages of the image so they can make changes as it progress and not be surprised at the end. I know some artists don't like to have the client too involved in the process but I actually enjoy the interaction. I first began working for Publix a few years ago when they commissioned me to create a series of  Pie Slice sketch-colorillustrations for their tea packages. I loved that job as well. I am an enthusiastic tea drinker and tried to capture in these images the warm, cozy feeling a hot cup of tea offers. This collection of tea packaging won Publix a 2008 ADDY so I was extra happy to be a part of it! 


Green on box sml               Lullabye on box sml










Earl Grey on Box sml          Decaf Green on Box sml










Chamomile on box sml