Fox Hollow Vineyard Wine Label

I truly enjoyed creating this label for The Fox Hollow Vineyards. They first approached me about creating the perfect fox to use as their brand. He had to be regal yet friendly. Their vineyard used to be fox hunting land and I thought it would be a humorous choice to put him in full fox hunt garb.

We knew from the beginning that he should be seen straight on; however, in the early sketches,  I experimented with various shaped horns and hand positions until we found the perfect combination.They suggested we use a landscape as the background which I created in the original painting but then thought it would be fun to use a fox hunt themed pattern instead.I jumped at the chance and created a tonal print in black pencil to keep it soft so that when the fox image was added in Photoshop, it would stand out nicely.

They loved the pattern so much that they asked me to design a tablecloth and coordinating napkins to be used for their first wine tasting.


The Finished Label - The original painting - The fox hunt pattern

The Finished Label - The original painting - The fox hunt pattern

Early Sketches

Early Sketches

A Gentleman Fox for Fox Hollow Vineyards

I've just finished working on one of my favorite projects; designing a wine label for Fox Hollow Vineyards. Joe Casola and Kim Casola hired me back in December to paint a handsome and gentlemanly fox for the labels of their new wines premiering in the autumn. They were so wonderful to work with and their beautiful farm was truly an inspiration.  We began with a formal portrait of a gentlemanly fox with a landscape background representing their farm.

Fox Hunt Portrait by Lisa Zador

Once the portrait was completed Joe had the idea of isolating the fox from the background and putting some sort of pattern behind him. With all of my textile design background and love of repeating pattern, I jumped at the chance to design a fox hunting themed pattern. We wanted to keep it soft and neutral to sit nicely in the back so I drew the elements in black pencil instead of painting them in gouache as I normally would.

Fox Hunt Pattern by Lisa Zador
Fox Hollow Label Detail by Lisa Zador

We don't yet have the printed labels but Joe mocked up some sample bottles just to see how it will look! I did a blog post back in March about the design process including sketches and preliminary drawings which you can read by clicking here.

Fox Hollow Wine Labels Lisa Zador

Food Illustrations for Shoprite

A few weeks ago I happened to be in Gristede's Supermarket and I spotted something familiar on the shelf; it was a jar of Shoprite marinated red peppers and it had one of my illustrations on the front! I was surprised because this was one of a group of spot illustrations I did ages ago for someone who was designing the labels. I had never seen the actual products and had totally forgotten about them. I looked around and found other similar condiments on the shelf and I was so pleased that I bought them all in order to photograph them. When I got home I had to rummage around quite a bit to locate the copies I had of the original artwork but I finally found them and put them together for my website. I'm going to keep looking for the rest of the products to add to the group!