The Perfect Anodyne for a Worrying World

Anthropomorphic Pills and Booze -

Are you having a bad day? Are the pressures of everyday life getting you down? Then let these cheerful anthropomorphic bottles help! We have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pills topped off with a nice bottle of vodka, just what the doctor ordered... Seriously though, this is a parody of the golden age of Mad Men when it seems everyone was popping Seconal and Phenyl Barbitol and drinking heavily to boot. Think of it as a nostalgic romp through the  1950's and 1960's! Prints are available at The Curious Kitchen.

Anthropomorphic Cocktail Party

Dancing-Cocktails-Vintage-Kitchen Who can lure you away from temperance better than a juggling cocktail shaker, a strutting bottle of vermouth, a dancing martini glass and a jolly bottle of gin? My fascination with vintage anthropomorphic food continues with this homage to the most classic of all cocktails, the revered martini. Prints of this original watercolor painting are available now at The Curious Kitchen for 20% off if you type in the coupon code "Cocktails" at checkout!