Anthropomorphic Cocktail Party

Dancing-Cocktails-Vintage-Kitchen Who can lure you away from temperance better than a juggling cocktail shaker, a strutting bottle of vermouth, a dancing martini glass and a jolly bottle of gin? My fascination with vintage anthropomorphic food continues with this homage to the most classic of all cocktails, the revered martini. Prints of this original watercolor painting are available now at The Curious Kitchen for 20% off if you type in the coupon code "Cocktails" at checkout!

Mr. Softee

Mr Softee I am happy to say that my Mr. Peanut portrait now has a new anthropomorphic food companion in the form of Mr Softee! When my sister, my cousins and I were kids Mr Softee held a special place in our hearts. We would hear that familiar tune playing on a hot summer day when the truck was still blocks away and be filled with such a longing for that smooth, cold ice cream. I still remember how much I resisted taking that first taste, knowing I would be ruining the perfectly formed swirl of creamy goodness. We were equally adoring of other swirly, soft ice creams such as the Twin Kissed variety found on the Wildwood boardwalk, only that one had vanilla AND chocolate swirled together in one which seemed like absolute magic!  I don't know why these food icons, which were a popular type of advertising in the 1950's and 1960's continue to have such a powerful hold over me and and my artwork. I think there is something very profound about the personification of inanimate objects and animals especially to children. I know that believing my teddy bears had feelings and personalities gave me a great sense of comfort and security. Now as an adult I still feel cheery when I see my salt and pepper shaker faces looking up at me from my kitchen table at breakfast!

A portrait of my salt and pepper shakers. (c) 2011 Lisa Zador

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As a special promotion for my new Etsy shop The Curious Kitchen, I am offering a free 8" x 10" print of It's Breakfast Time to three lucky winners. To participate simply share the post on Facebook, re-pin on Pinterest or re-tweet on Twitter. Triple your chances by doing all three by midnight, Sunday March 10, 2013! I will choose one winner randomly from each category at noon on Monday, March 11. Thank-you to all my loyal followers and customers from  Curious Portraits and The Curious Kitchen! Breakfast-Time-Border

It's Breakfast Time!

Breakfast-Time-Border We can all use a little encouragement in the morning to begin our day on a cheery note. I'm hoping my newest anthropomorphic print will do the trick. This combines two of my favorite subjects: anthropomorphism and vintage kitchen! It  is now available in  The Curious Kitchen shop on Etsy and I'll soon be adding small prints of the individual characters . Next week I'll be running a contest to win an 8 x 10 print simply by sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest so check back for details.

The Curious Kitchen up-date

My new Etsy shop The Curious Kitchen has been slowly coming along. I admit that I neglected it  a bit during the holiday season but am happy to say I am now giving it my full attention! This shop features more decorative prints of paintings done in gouache on paper that reflect my love of vintage illustration and collectibles. Here are some new additions: parrot-portraits


These two parrot portraits were adapted from a textile design of mine. I never tire of painting parrots, I find them to have the most expressive faces and of course the most beautiful colors!

Parrot Damask

Rooster PortraitsThese four rooster prints were also adapted from one of my textile designs. I think roosters are so cheery.My Mother had decorative rooster trivets hanging in our kitchen back in South Philly and I think that must be what inspired me. Rooster-PrintMore of my textile designs can now be seen on my website